Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am halfway done with another market bag. This time I used this pattern: It's an easier stitch pattern and is going very well. Almost mindless in the knitting. I used the same Sugar 'n Spice yarn and size 15 US needles from my Denise Interchangible needles. I had to really focus the first couple of rows until I got the transition from row to row down. I like how free the pattern is to yarn choice and needle choice. The other bag went faster, but this one doesn't require as much concentration.

I'm getting tired of this cold. It's the wierdest thing, I feel fine if I sit still and don't do much, but moving around gets me really winded and achy. Kenny is doing much better. It turns out he had an ear infection and now he is on an antibiotic. He tells me the bees are gone though. I'm really proud of his good attitude through all this. I'm glad his is such an optimistic and happy boy.

This weekend is an event called Queen's Prize in my historical reinactment group called the SCA. Artisans sponsor new people to the arts to enter and everyone goes home with a prize and hopefully some new people to talk to about what they are doing. It's a fabulous way to meet people with the same interests, find new resources, and get good positive critiquing of how they can take their projects to the next level. I'm sponsoring three people this year. They are all my apprentices. The first, Una, is doing a very interesting project about Moghul food and food presentation. I'm impressed at the ambition and the interesting thought and research process that she took to develop her ideas. I can't wait to try the food. Next, is Galla, who is an incredible costumer. She has such an eye for detail and produces good quality clothing. Hopefully, I won't be able to sponsor her again because she will get promoted in the organization to the point where she can sponsor her own people. Lasty is my dear friend Maddie. Maddie has adapted a play called "Gammer Gurton's Needle" for a monolgue style. I have heard through the grapevine that it is really clever and funny. I wish she could have performed it for me ahead of time, but alas, I have to wait just like everyone else.

Jack, my former apprentice and now laurel is sponsoring some people. His apprentice Carmina is entering in costuming I believe, and I'm not sure who else he has. Seth, one of my other apprentices has two people entering as well. One is a complete costume from Northern Europe and the early middle ages. I'm not sure what the other one is either. Seth is an amazing costumer. I'm not even sure he realizes how good he is. His documentation is impeccable and he hand sews all his own clothing. He has a natural eye for what he is doing. I know that his focus has been to present the best image for his time period and sewing was an inexpensive way to accomplish that, but he has a fabulous knowledge and skill base at this point. Jack and I hope to get a website up soon where each of our associates can post articles and learning tools to help others in the SCA.

Jack and his wife, and Maddie and her husband have applied to become the new Baron and Baroness (leaders) of our local group here in St. Louis. They are joined by a very charismatic couple as well. This weekend the King and Queen of our region will announce their choices for who gets the job. I'm looking forward to the event and really hope everyone is satisfied with Their decision.

I also get to travel to the event with one of my favorite knitting friends and hope to get a great deal of knitting done. I will have to start one of my backlogged pairs of socks so I can use straight double pointed needles. I've gotten so used to the circluars now, but they didn't use those in the middle ages, too bad. All my other projects I have in the works are currently on circulars. I really like doing socks on one long circular now, I hope I can adjust back to the multiple straight sticks. I have quite a few sock kits in my workpile. Although, it is probably foolish not to work on one of the million projects I already have going.

Happy Crafting, and if you are in the midwest right now, good luck staying warm!

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