Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yesterday I finished the homework portion of Principles of Banking, I just have to wait for the tests and I will be finished. What a relief. Now, I just need to finish up accounting, but there is so much more busy work involved I'm concerned I won't be able to get it done before I leave my job.
I've decided to give financial planning a chance. My commute to work has become insane now that Highway 40 in the middle of St. Louis is shut down. It's sad because I really like my job. I am looking forward to going through the process of becoming a financial advisor though. I have to pass my licensing before I can hire on. I really like the people I have interviewed with and the training schedule seems very friendly towards ensuring success. The additional bonus is that I will be working in Edwardsville, IL and should not have any traffic at all.
Sadly, their next class starts next week and I am going to an SCA event to support my apprentices. The first weekend in February is also an event that I need to teach some classes at. That means I won't start classes until the end of February. The plus side is that will give the company I am at currently enough time to get adjusted to their new ownership of two new branches. I would hate to leave right now while everything is up in the air.
Back to my personal craft issues now. Last year, one of my girlfriend's mothers would send me sporatic packages containing pages from a "knitting pattern-a-day" calendar. I liked it so much I bought one for myself this year. That may have been a mistake. I worked so hard yesterday trying to get my one class completed and setting up the second one that I was completely brain dead when I got home. So, I decided to find a small project that could fill up my evening. I started to play "Maternational" on my playstation with my son, but realized it was "Ghost Hunters" night. So, I went to the calendar to see if there would be something interesting to knit. (Like I need another knitting project) Honestly, I didn't want to work on a project that I cared to succeed at because I was so tired. I found "Knit to Live" ( Thinking about my stash, I realized I had several balls of a nicely colored cotton yarn with no purpose that would be perfect. I got about halfway through it which was really exciting and a good boost to the instant gratification loving child in me.
Today I need to get my next months recipes put together so I can utilize this nice three day weekend for cooking. (and hopefully putting together bee boxes!) I found some great recipes from that I hope will freeze well. I also found another web site for OMAC cooking I hadn't seen before at: Last month's meals worked out really well, I hope I can duplicate that this month. We still have quite a bit left, but since I will be gone for two weeks I want to get it done. I'm a little frustrated at my inability to find good vegetable recipes, but I may just buy a couple different kinds of mixed vegetables and throw on some spice mixes to toss into the freezer in seal-a-meal bags. That's pretty easy and convenient to heat up.
Back to the grind...

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