Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ok, further delima, I can take a seminar to become certified in Olympic Tae Kwon Do judging. The problem is, I have to work the morning of the seminar and I have an SCA event in the afternoon. I'd gauge it on what I will think I am capeable of or what my preganancy will allow, but that is a catch 22. Martial arts seminars aren't dangerous (generally) and judging usually isn't at all, but I don't have a uniform that will fit. SCA is basically an afternoon of helping in the kitchen (which I feel particularly obligated to do since it is an extremely difficult kitchen and new cook), but the smell of cooking food makes me throw up. Seeing it cook is even worse. Maybe that will change in the next two weeks.

Sometimes I really wish I had fewer interests.

My husband and I cleaned up the front garden today and laid down a fresh layer of mulch. He bought me a lovely bronze birdbath for just behind the fence in my strawberry patch. I don't want to put it out front due to the possiblility of vandalism. The main birdfeeders are between two spruce trees by my front fence. It gives the birds a place to hide and makes them feel more secure. I put the birdbath just behind the fence so when they perch, hopefully, they can go to either side according to their interests. (Bonus, the asparagus I put in last year is doing great! Shame I still can't harvest this year).

This year I have to remember bird netting for my berries. Working in the garden made me feel much better, but it just got to cold to continue out there. (It's about 18 degrees here). The first couple of hours felt pretty good, but then the temperature started dropping.

Next weekend is puppetpalooza at my brothers house. I have 9 blanks made up for decorating, hopefully we can get something really creative and fun for the kids. Maybe even talk them into doing a show for us. We are also going to can up the leftover Huckleberries from last summer into jelly. (It should only make about 6 gallons of jelly). This year, less huckleberries. The last goal for the weekend is to get the 8 frame hive bodies done for my yard. With Christopher's nail gun, construction should speed by. I need to pick up some concrete blocks for the hive to sit on. I have a few, but I would rather use them in the side yard and get a different style for the hive. I need to get some that I can attach bungee cords to strap the lid down to prevent racoon invasions. I'm going to try a top entrance of the bat to combat rodent access. The city has such wierd pests to think about. Looks like I will trade him my 10 frame since I'm pregnant and by the end of the summer, checking the bees will be a curious endeavor let alone lifting full supers. Thank God for a supportive and understanding husband who's willing to put up with all my wierd projects.

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