Monday, March 10, 2008

Ah, the sweet knowledge that my letter of resignation is complete and eagerly awaiting me on my desktop at work.

I think I made it over a major hump with my hopefully future employer last week in my due dilligence process. Tomorrow I take my exam for life and health insurance for the state of Missouri. Hopefully by next week, I will know what is going on and have an idea of what day to print my letter of resignation from this company.

It has become apparent to me that my current vice president believes that for a paltry $32000 a year I would like nothing more than to spend three hours a day on the road and work 8 being some kind of corporate trainer for them. To combat my inability to sign my child over to my day care provider the needed hours, they would be more than happy to allow me the flexibility of taking a 15 minute lunch so that I can drop him off at day care when they open and pick him up when they close (12 hours btw) and not have to sacrifice work time for something as silly as relaxing and eating. I have to say that is the most brilliant thing I have ever heard anyone say to a pregnant woman who's first child has gone from 7 to 11 hours a day in day care. I'm so glad that my values allow me to feel it is ok to institutionalize my son for 12 hours a day to make very little money for someone with a bachelor's degree. I can't wait to step up and sacrifice my lunch time in order to take advantage of this opportunity. I can't wait till the first time she tries to send me to one of the branches that are even further away from this one so I can print off a hot copy of that resignation letter and leave it on her desk on my way there.

How far up your ptootie does your head have to be to interpret this statement:

"I would really like to help you build the Tesson Ferry branch that is 5 miles from my house. I feel that I would be a much better and invested employee with a shorter commute and more time for my family"


"Oh please, I would love to drive further and spend less time with my son without additional compensation just so I can feel this company values me."

They were allowing me to go to the Tesson Ferry branch, and I did such an excellent job building the business that they decided the appropriate reward was to never let me work there again because their greedy little corporate imps would like to utilize my talents to pull their butts out of trouble at the other branches becasue they lack the sense to do it on their own.

Jeez. The worse part about it is, they planned this all behind my back with out asking me for my input and believe that everyone working here actually has to be working. I work because I enjoy working and that makes me a more well balanced mother. This nice little plan does not make me well balanced or happy.

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