Friday, December 05, 2008

Bruce is settling down from his marathon attention fit. He went through a couple of days where he didn't want me to leave the room or stop touching him. I feel bad for Kenny, he doesn't understand why I can't just put Bruce somewhere and pay attention to him. He is an exceptional good brother though.

On the plus side, I can get a LOT of crocheting done while holding the baby. He hates it when I knit, and Kenny doesn't want me to read.

Today I am trying to finish up a hot pad that has taken longer than it should. It is the pattern for Aldebaran by Patrizia Pizani. It can be found at this link:

This thing is the size of a dinner plate I kid you not. The back is all single crochet and is driving me nuts to make. The front was a snap, but I get bored doing single crochet. Good pattern though. I can't wait to finish it since it will end up being a great potholder when I am done. It is a better size than most I have made in recent years.

I finished this one a couple of days ago:

It turned out really pretty. I am phenomenally bad at crochet gauge though. You would think that after doing it as long as I have, I would be better at it though. Anyway, because of my gauge, it has some holes in it and will serve better to set things on than to take things out of the oven with.

Tonight we go to eat at the home of my dear friends Adam and Andy. We are actually getting out of the house to be social. We have been promised Indian food and a movie. Hopefully, it will be a lot of fun. I'm kind of sad about the movie since Andy plays piano beautifully and probably wont provide background music for the movie. Last time I was over he played while we had a group sewing day. It was so nice and something few people will do anymore. He didn't do it in a way to get attention, but to add atmosphere and I'm not sure I've ever known anyone to be able to do that before.

Tomorrow I go back to mom and dad's house to work on rugs for Christmas. Mom and I have managed to make 6 rugs as of now on the loom. Hopefully we can get enough done for presents. I'm looking forward to getting this warping off and rewarp the loom with some different colors and a closer warp. I think what will hold us up is cutting the strips for rugs. We had a lot of them cut and worked through them faster than I expected. Time to start over. It's hard with the baby needing to eat every couple of hours, but probably good for my back to have a rest.

We also need to sit down in the evenings and work on puppets to give to the kids for Christmas.

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