Monday, December 08, 2008


Ok, so I never had sea monkeys as a kid. I always saw them in the comic books, but just never had them. I didn't feel cheated, but it was on my to do list as an adult. You know that to do list you make as a child that you fantasize about fulfilling once you move out.

So, I was at WalGreens looking for presents for my son. He just turned 4 last week. I found this super cool SpongeBob Squarepants Plankton Aquarium. It was apparent that this was a repackaging of the Sea Monkeys from when I was a kid. I proudly brought them home for the low low price of somewhere around $4. Woo hoo. Scratch it off the list, make my son happy, and cheap to boot. Well, someone stole my Sea Monkeys from my car. So, I go back to WalGreens, buy more Sea Monkeys and bring them back home and take them in the house next time.

Now having something stolen just steels you desire to follow through with a project. I was determined to make sure we got those stinking Sea Monkeys off on a good foot. We waited until the day after his birthday, followed the directions and got it started. Kenny immediately dunked the bean bags he got for his birthday in the full aquarium to "play" with the crazy things. We had to put them up.

The next day after filling it up and adding the water conditioner, I added the eggs. Thousands of tiny little brown eggs. Hmmmm. After 5 days the directions say to start feeding them. Today is day 5. Every day I have been watching this thing and seeing NOTHING! I take the lid off, the light shines in through a crack in the curtain and I see one tiny, tiny little thing swimming in the water. I decide well, I'll feed them just in case, this is day 5 after all.

Now 5 hours later I go back in the kitchen to get a drink. (The aquarium is on top of the microwave). I decide I'm going to look to make sure I wasn't imagining things. The little specks are twice as big now and there are MILLIONS of them.

I feel like the baby in the e-trade commercial... I underestimated the creepiness factor.

These things are REALLY freaky. Now I know why moms don't want to get them for their kids. ACK! :)

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